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Trail N°3 : Trail de l'Escalo 25km – Le Grand Ruth

Trail N°3 Le Grand Ruth is an anthology of sensations, from steep single-track climbs to wide downhill trails, to refreshing undergrowth passages. It is a long and demanding course.

Route details

The stopover
Rock, Pebbles, Earth
Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

The course begins with a warm-up on a quiet road and then puts you directly in the bath with a steep climb between kilometer 2 and kilometer 3. You will have the opportunity to breathe on the track at the level of the Escale collar . Then another climb towards La Colette.
A succession of passages in the undergrowth will lead you to the summit of Ruth, the highest point of your route. You will appreciate the landscape and the many views of the area. It's a descent with high percentages in places and a terrain that can be slippery depending on the conditions.
The last part is more of a descending profile, however be careful there are some climbs which could hurt your legs at the end of the route. Then a final descent to reach the village of Escale.

The Trail at L’Escale
3 permanent running routes starting from Place de l’Escale:
25 km – 1600 meters of elevation gain +
12 km – 600 meters of elevation gain +
5 km – 200 meters of elevation gain +
Parking nearbyPedestrian sportsTrail route
DifficultyVery difficultElevation1600 D- ​​/ 1600 D+Distance25,0 kmMax Altitude550 m
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