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Welcome to Digne-Les-Bains thermal baths. You wish to carry out your spa treatment in Digne-les-Bains and you have questions about medical prescription, social security coverage, finding doctors, accommodation and you would like to know what to do once there ? We have prepared especially for you the answers to the main questions to properly prepare your spa treatment and your stay.

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How to prepare my treatment?

Before leaving, you must make an appointment with the spa doctor of your choice, preferably for the day of your arrival.

The spa doctor will prescribe the treatment you need. With this prescription, you can then go to the thermal establishment to establish your treatment program.

Consult our list of doctors.

Do I need a medical prescription?

Traditional 21-day cures must be prescribed to you by your attending physician for treatment. It is he who, depending on your condition, will determine the therapeutic orientation(s) of your treatment and will suggest the most suitable spa resort.

Does social security cover care?

Yes, if it is a three-week course prescribed by your doctor. In general, the reimbursement amounts to:

65% for spa treatments / 70% for doctor's supervision fees. People benefiting from the exemption from co-payments are covered at 100%.

It is possible for you to obtain partial coverage of your accommodation and transport costs.

How does a spa treatment take place?

Treatments are scheduled in the morning. During busy periods (September or October), treatments can also be scheduled in the afternoon. THE thermal treatments are individual for massages and bathtub treatments. They are collective for mobilization exercises in the swimming pool. Bathrobes and towels are provided, but you should bring a swimsuit, plastic sandals and a bathing cap.

Without a car, how do I get to the spa?

The thermal establishment is located 3 km from the center of Digne-les-Bains. For your first day of treatment, you can go to the thermal establishment using the Digne les Bains urban bus service Le “RTUD”, line 1.

See the bus schedules line 2 of the Dignois Urban Networks, which leads to the thermal establishment. This line passes through the city center.

On site

The thermal establishment

Nestled in a peaceful valley, approximately 3 kilometers from the city center, the establishment is protected from the winds by the surrounding reliefs. It thus offers a naturally preserved setting conducive to relaxation, where you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of thermal water in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.

Very high quality water

At more than 600 m above sea level, the thermal establishment of Digne-les-Bains is renowned for its exceptional thermal water.

Of chloride, sulfur and sodium composition, this water is rich in minerals. Its constant composition testifies to its deep origin and guarantees its therapeutic benefits.

The water comes from the Ophélia borehole, located at 870m depth, at the foot of the Lower Jurassic limestone cliff: Saint Pancrace cliff.

This site benefits from exceptional climatic conditions, combining the mildness and brightness of the Mediterranean climate with the freshness of the Alpine nights. Its maximum sunshine is characteristic of the pre-Alpine plateaus.



Thermal water has beneficial properties that provide numerous benefits for your health, all year round. In particular, it exerts analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effects, while facilitating joint recovery.

A Rheumatology spa treatment will allow you to benefit from these positive effects, thus significantly improving your well-being.

By opting for a treatment in Rheumatology, you will be able to benefit from its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant effects, as well as its regenerative properties. An experience that will allow you to improve your quality of life in a global and lasting way.

Respiratory tracts

Exploiting the beneficial properties of thermal water, the treatment has anti-infectious, decongestant and healing effects, while stimulating the immune system and regulating mucus.

In ENT – Respiratory Tracts, the treatment provides various advantages with the main objective of rehabilitating the natural functions of the respiratory mucosa and preventing recurrences.

By exploiting the beneficial properties of thermal water, thermal treatment promotes rehabilitation of respiratory functions, relieves congestion, facilitates expectoration and strengthens the immune system. This holistic approach provides an effective solution to improve respiratory health and prevent relapses.


Discover the mini-cures offered by the Thermal Baths of Digne-les-Bains, offering an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of thermal water. These mini-cures are available in Rheumatology or ENT – Respiratory Tracts are not part of the framework of approved thermal cures and are not covered by social security.

In addition to these traditional mini-cures, the Thermes de Digne-les-Bains offer from 2023 the Serenity mini-treatment. This specific treatment is designed to help you release your tensions linked to the stress of daily life or overwork. different activities will allow you to reconnect with the essentials in a preserved and unique environment.

Thermes de Digne les Bains, moment de détente et de ressourcement
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Useful Information

Find useful information here to prepare your treatment and your stay:

3 week stay

Seasonal rentals

It is best to book your treatment and accommodation as soon as you know the date of your stay. Go to this page dedicated to seasonal rentals.

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