Neighbors of the Verdon Gorges, the Gorges of Trevans are located at the heart of the Haute-Provence Geological Nature Reserve and UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence. They are accessible from the village of Estoublon, about thirty kilometers south of Digne-les-Bains.

The Naturographer

Hiking with your feet in the water!

Little corner of paradise for refreshing hikes…

little paradise

A preserved and relaxing place to discover on foot, or even with your feet in the water!

The Gorges de Trévans offer nature lovers several hikes of different levels. In summer, the coolness of the river even invites you to take a swimming break.

The “Estoublaïsse” torrent has carved out a narrow canyon 200 meters high in the Jurassic limestone, in an area with remarkable biodiversity still today.

In the Gorges de Trévans, you can find around forty species of birds and bats, as well as chamois. The flora is also diverse, thanks to the location between the Mediterranean and pre-Alpine climates. This is why the Trévans gorges are classified as a biological reserve, a Sensitive Natural Area and a Natura 2000 zone.

The name of these gorges, small neighbors of the Verdon gorges, comes from the ancient village of Trévans attached to the commune of Estoublon since 1973. Many remains await you at the bend of the paths, those of the hamlet of Valbonnette or those of the former medieval religious establishment of Saint Andrew of the Desert.

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