For all nature lovers, Haute-Provence will be your true corner of paradise. In the heart of the Alpes de Haute Provence department, forget the grand palaces and massive monuments of white marble or gray stones. Say goodbye to the incessant noise of the city and endless industrial zones. Turn your back on the infernal rhythms of congested urban areas and finally give way to the air, the forest, the mountains and all the simply dazzling spectacle of this generous and untouched nature.
Dive in, let yourself be sucked in and inspired by the exceptional landscapes of Haute-Provence. Here, nature is another good reason to come.

Philip Murtas

This point of view !

On the Barre des Dourbes, the climb is quickly rewarded by a breathtaking panorama.

Full of emotions...

Open your lungs wide and your eyes wide… Breathe and admire! Once these first steps have been taken, all that remains is to indulge in the outdoor activity of your choice. On foot, by bike, in the air or in the water? Amateur or experienced? Looking for spaces to contemplate or challenge yourself? The relief and climate of Haute-Provence are naturally suited to all your desires for nature.

The Bès valley

Those who came as curious people say they leave as converts! Who can remain indifferent to crossing the Bès valley, gems of geology where the transformations of time are visible to the naked eye? The valley is home to geological gems which have earned it a UNESCO classification. THE Esclangon Velodrome notably is a titanic hemicycle of stratified sandstone, in the center of which proudly stands the Facibelle's Blade. True natural masterpieces accentuated by the vertiginous cliffs of the Clue du Péouré.

The Penitents of Les Mées

Next to the village of Mées, at the confluence of the Bléone with the Durance, stands an impressive and surprising rocky massif whose strangely surreal shape, worthy of the paintings of Yves Tanguy, recalls a slow, imposing and heavy procession. So imagine the spectacle: two kilometers long and more than a hundred meters high, an incredible steep wall of agglomerated pebbles emerges, an immense ocher cliff sculpted into a sawtooth by erosion.

View of the penitents of Les Mées
Since the Penitents of the Mées
The Naturographer

Fabulous rocks…

This geological oddity, which can be explored along a designated path, bears the name “penitents”, in reference to a legend from the Middle Ages where real penitents, entertained by exquisite sarrazines, were punished with transformation stone by divine punishment when their gaze fell on them.


From the summit of Estrop at 2961m altitude in Haute-Bléone to the gentler reliefs of Verdon or Val de Durance, Haute-Provence is crisscrossed by an infinity of marked paths crossing splendid and preserved spaces. If you like to walk, here, hiking is a way of life practiced by everyone all year round.

In the largest mountain bike area in France

Haute-Provence is THE bike destination without contest. You are here at the heart of the largest mountain bike area in France where all cycling activities can be done with or without electric assistance. The unmissable EVO Bike Park, hundreds of kilometers of marked roads and trails for all levels, battery charging stations, washing stations, passes reserved for cyclists in summer or even our all-inclusive stays with luggage transport!! Nature and cycling are in total harmony.

Cycle tourism in the lavender fields
GTA moveyouralps

Pedaling to discover…

Particularly with the family, cycling is the best way to discover remarkable natural sites.

Take a trip to the ammonite slab, try the descent of the Bès valley or explore the lavender fields as far as the eye can see, perfect for lovers of calm and wide open spaces.

Road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, with or without electric assistance, our fabulous landscapes and our quiet roads provide a real feeling of serenity and freedom where the encounter with nature is real.

Mountain biking in the Black Lands
Damien Rosso

Sounds of lunar adventure!

Mountain biking takes on the air of lunar adventures in the famous Black Lands, a natural spot known worldwide to insiders.

The EVO Bike Park in Digne-les-Bains is the ideal location for intensive training!

Roaming is king on the major marked crossings that are Alpes-Provence and Paths of the sun.

Strong sensations

If you are looking for thrills, halfway between heaven and earth, let yourself be seduced by our two via ferrata in Digne-les-Bains et Prads Haute Bleone. These vertigo hikes can be done independently but also be supervised by climbing and mountain professionals for safe practice.

Paragliding above Digne les Bains
François Ragolski

Let's take a little more height...

…to join our world champion and Dignois François Ragolski at the controls of his paraglider. With him we discover another flagship activity in our region. Between the famous Cousson mountain and the peaks above the village of Courbons, it is almost every day that we see this magical and light string of colorful sails which flutter whatever the color of the sky. The aerology being exceptional in Haute-Provence, this is the opportunity to try the experience! Some paragliding instructors will be happy to give you a reading of the landscapes: the sun-drenched nature and the valleys carved out by rivers for millennia take on a whole new dimension when seen from above.

Nautical leisure activities are not left out since Haute-Provence flows the majestic Durance, ideal for indulging in the pleasures of navigation. By paddle, pedal boat, electric boat or even canoe kayak, the nautical base Nautical Durance offers many possibilities to enjoy the landscapes along the water. Try, for example, the sweet experience of paddle at sunset.

As for fishing, try your hand at fishing on the farm, a haven of tranquility at the gates of Digne-les-Bains which guarantees the whole family a friendly experience at the foot of the majestic Dourbes bar.

Of a generous nature conducive to the development of the body, Haute-Provence invites you both to discover its landscapes but also to give free rein to your desires: golf, fishing, climbing…Here everything is possible!

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