Eagle or vultures? Just the name of the two routes of the Rocher de Neuf-Heures via ferrata makes you shudder and announces the color… or rather the height! Are you ready to conquer the mountain? Freedom, adrenaline, the birds of these cliffs await you at the top.

Put in condition

The climb is steep and puts you in the legs immediately. Panorama of the town of Digne, nestled in the hollows of its mountains. Breathtaking landscape that makes you forget everything except your objective: to do the long route, that of the Vultures.
Just look up at the cliff to feel a shiver, a heartbeat a little stronger than the others, you are there.

A check is essential: safety equipment, water, provisions and camera to immortalize the “feat”.
It is there, within reach, vertical and protruding, heated by the sun, rough and soft at the same time: the Nine Hours Rock.

There's gas!

One rung, two rungs, they follow one another and very quickly this exhilarating sensation: emptiness!
Well hung, almost tense, the time to cast a glance below, a drop of sweat escapes from the helmet. The hikers at the very bottom seem tiny, almost imperceptible. What a pleasure to be there and to enjoy this bird's eye view of the city.

Progress is very rapid. Now that I am very comfortable, the immersion in the hollow of the cliff is total.
The smell of Mediterranean vegetation tickles the nostrils, the roughness of the limestone rock caresses the fingers, the swallows' nests delight the eyes.
In a beat of their wings, they fly away, offering the marvelous spectacle of their broom spinning in the sky.


To engage in a via ferrata, it is essential to have the specific equipment, to know its use and the techniques of progression.
Access to the Digne-les-Bains via ferrata is free if you have your own equipment.
You can rent equipment at the Digne-les-Bains Tourist Office and at Camping du Bourg.
Respect the direction of the route
Do not engage in the via ferrata in stormy weather, heavy rain or snow or at night.
Respect the site and its environment.

I'm going / I'm not going – The Tyrolean experience

Many other sensations on the program before the end of this adventure, but already the impatience to return to rub shoulders with the birds of prey.

Overwhelmed with excitement and adrenaline, it's time for me to take off. Feet hanging in the air, hands clinging to the lanyard, the cliff opposite is staring at me!

Eyes closed, the wind whips your face, the pulley whistles, time speeds up, your eyes open to a passing landscape, the platform gets closer, the landing is imminent… Long live freedom! We want more!!

An outing with a 360° panorama

A final beam, a rope bridge between two rocky peaks and an inverted ladder, the summit is near.
Very vertical, the last wall requires a final effort. Each muscle is awakened and the feeling of achievement is exhilarating! The summit is finally there, victory!

The view is breathtaking on the surrounding mountains and the relaxation is immediate. Relaxation of the muscles, the shaky legs remind us of the effort accomplished, the 360° landscape is a great reward.

What a great challenge!


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