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Refuges d’Art : le tour intégral en 10 jours de marche

  • Art Refuge – The work
  • Mountain Art Collection
  • 10-day guided roaming
  • Unique experience in the world


Designed by British artist Andy Goldsworthy, Refuge d'Art is a unique journey of its kind: a 10-day walk, 150 km long, which crosses the landscapes of the largest geological reserve in Europe, the Haute Geopark. -Provence!
Itinerant hike through Andy Goldsworthy’s art refuges
and the incredible geology around Digne-les-Bains, in the Haute-Provence Geopark. With an approved mountain art guide, set off on a 10-day itinerant hike. For average level walkers, in good shape. Accommodation: 5 nights in a lodge or guest room, 4 nights in an art refuge or bivouac. Stay on request for groups of at least 5 people.

the itinerary day by day:

Day 1: 5 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 600 m; – 600 m.
In the morning, go to Digne around 9 a.m. Short taxi transfer (10 mins) from Digne to the small village of Courbons. Hike from Courbons to Thoard via the Siron crests and the Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine art refuge. Dinner and night in a lodge in Thoard.

Day 2: 6 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 650 m; – 650 m.
Hike from the village of Thoard to the La Forest Art Refuge via the ridges and the Col de Mounis. Dinner and night in an art refuge lost in nature.

Day 3: 4 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 450 m, – 250 m.
Hike from La Forest to the village of Saint Geniez via the Dromont chapel, whose crypt contains vestiges of the Roman period. Night in a lodge in Saint-Geniez.

Day 4: 6 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 500 m; – 900 m.
Transfer to Feissal by the Sentinelle du Vançon. From Feissal to Barles via the China Ridges, the location of the future China Art Refuge, the Descoure ravine and the windows of Herman de Vries.
In Barles, short transfer to the village of Verdaches. Dinner and night at the Flagustelle lodge.

Day 5: 5 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 580m; – 400 m.
Short transfer from Verdaches to the Clues de Barles. From the clues of Barles to Vieil Esclangon via the Sentinelle du Bès and the red rock sanctuary, a work by Herman de Vries. At Vieil Esclangon, two traces of Herman de Vries. Climb to the viewpoint for
contemplate the Esclangon velodrome. Dinner and night at the Vieil Esclangon Art Refuge.

Day 6: 7 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 950 m; -1000 m.
From Vieil Esclangon to Mousteiret via the Col de l'Escuichière Art Refuge. Descent into the Bléone valley. After lunch, we will return to the village of Brusquet, then we will climb the Blache crest (1200 m) to descend towards the
Ferme Belon art refuge, former school for Resistance executives. Dinner and night at the Belon Farm Art Refuge.

Day 7: 6 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 650 m; – 650 m.
From Ferme Belon, we will reach the Col de la Cine before descending towards Tartonne. We will pass through the spectacular Clue de la Peine. Night at the Robines gîte.

Day 8: 3 hours of hiking – Elevation gain +/- 250 m.
Day of rest where we will go to see, with light bags, the sentinel of Asse. Loop via the Notre Dame d’Entraigues chapel and the Salaou spring. Night at the Robines gîte.

Day 9: 6 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 850 m; – 700 m.
We will undertake the ascent of the Dourbes bar, aiming for the Pas de Tartonne (1658 m). Descent to Les Dourbes where we will spend the night. Night in bivouac or lodge.

Day 10: 4 hours of hiking – Elevation gain + 200 m; – 250 meters.
From Dourbes, we will walk towards the Bains Thermal Art Refuge. Then we will join Digne after lunch to visit the Gassendi museum, where we will see one last work by Andy Goldsworthy, River of Earth, which is part of Refuge
d’Art and magnificently ends this journey.
End of stay around 16 p.m.

The price includes : all nights and meals planned in the program, half-board in a lodge (dinners, breakfasts) or bivouac meals in the Art Refuges, all picnics, all internal transfers planned in the program. Supervision for 10 full days by a mountain guide
state graduate and specially trained and accredited by the Gassendi museum in Digne-les-Bains to support you in the collection of works of Mountain Art. Guided tour of the Gassendi Museum, including entrance ticket.

The price does not include: Assistance/repatriation insurance (compulsory). Cancellation and baggage insurance (recommended). The drinks.


1360 €-

Means of payment accepted

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer

What is included

The price includes

  • Full board (dinners, breakfasts, picnics)
  • Internal transfers to the stay
  • Supervision by a 10-day guide
  • The guided tour of the Gassendi Museum

The price does not include

  • Assistance/repatriation insurance (compulsory).
  • Cancellation and baggage insurance (recommended).
  • Drinks in some lodges.
  • Personal expenses


Reservation by telephone: 06 74 50 26 62 (Coralie) – 06 08 16 66 44 (Luc)
The highlights of this trip:
  • Sculptures in nature
  • Entire work “Refuge d’Art”
  • Unique traveling experience
  • On request from 5 people
10 days / 9 nights
From1360€ /no one
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