Professionals in the territory of Provence Alpes Agglémration

Membership of the association: 30 € / year : support our actions and participate in the strategic choices of the Tourist Office.

-Registration at the Tourist Office:

  • Trade, services, activity provider and restaurant: 10 € / year
  • Furnished accommodation and guest rooms: 40 € / year
  • Hotels, campsites and stopover lodges: quotation depending on accommodation capacity

Immediately appear on our website in the section corresponding to your activity; and on one of our paper editions, depending on the release date.

Professionals outside the territory of Provence Alpes Agglomeration

Deposit of documentation in the Tourist Information Offices of the territory: 30 € / year : highlight your brochure / flyer in the tourist information offices of Provence Alpes Digne-les-Bains Tourisme.

Do you want to become a partner, send your documents about yourself or your request concerns the partnership service more broadly? Please contact Marion, in charge of the partnership service: 04 92 36 62 61. or write him an email, clearly specifying the subject of your request and your contact details to be contacted quickly: