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La Clue de Verdaches

The Clue de Verdaches, where the “Bès” torrent flows, presents a landscape in two shades. Near the torrent, we observe dark and black rocks, and above, an enormous light gray rock bar which outlines vertical walls.
The layers of the lower part of the clue contain a large proportion of organic matter transformed into coal, hence its black color. There are numerous plant fossils there. There we find all kinds of tree ferns, giant horsetails related to those of our current wetlands or even large trees which no longer have any equivalent today.
These fossils make it possible to date the rocks to -305 million years ago, i.e. from the Upper Carboniferous (primary era).

In the Clue de Verdaches, an old stone quarry called “the Italian quarry” was active at the beginning of the 20th century. Italian immigrants were hired there to extract and cut blocks of quartzite. This particularly hard rock was intended for the construction of engineering structures, bridges and parapets, such as can be seen along the Bès road.
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