Historic site and monument
in Le Castellard-Melan

Village du Castellard-Melan

Le Castellard-Mélan is located in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, about 30 km north-west of Digne-les-Bains and 6 km north of Thoard, the capital of the small Duyes valley.
The locality appears for the first time in the texts around 1200 (under the form Castellarium). The name comes from the Occitan term castelar, which designates a castle.
In the Middle Ages, the Barras built two fortified castles in Le Castellard. They are lords of Melan from the 1789th century to XNUMX and levy a toll on the road from Sisteron to the Bléone valley.
An important maquis of the resistance was in the valley of Duyes. It included in June 44 four groups of about fifteen men each and about twenty sedentary people, living and working in the valley. You might see a plaque there commemorating the deaths of young heroes.
The village is located on the slopes of the Col de Fontbelle, that is to say the end of one of the most famous special stages of the Monte-Carlo Rally: Sisteron-Thoard.
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