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Village de Volonne

Vorouno in Provençal, the etymology would come from the Celtic words "Vel Aon" meaning towards the waters, the village being located at the confluence of the Durance and the Grave torrent. It is sometimes said that it is the little Nice of the Alps for its sunny exposure.
Volonne is a small medieval village of 1 inhabitants at the foot of a rocky outcrop overlooked by two towers (the highest from the 700th century is an old fortress and the lowest from the XNUMXth century is the communal clock). Volonne offers its picturesque streets cool in summer, and imprinted with a rich historical past. In the central street we find the houses with medieval doors. In the rue de Vière we find old ramparts and a XNUMXth century aqueduct.

The Two Towers

The Chemin des 2 Tours offers a breathtaking panorama of the Val de Durance. This fortified place was intended to serve as an observation site at the time of invasions. The taller of the two towers is an old watchtower dating from the 13th century. As for the lower tower, it has been standing since the end of the XNUMXth century. the community clock. The numerous orchards which extend across the Volonne plain bear witness to the mildness of its climate.

St. Martin's Church

Above the stadium, the old Saint-Martin church, adjoining the cemetery, is a major building of early Romanesque art (11th century). It is one of the oldest specimens of early southern Romanesque art. The 17th century bastide castle in the center of the village and its staircase present an exceptional decoration of plasterwork, free visit.

The Napoleon Route

On the morning of March 5, Napoleon hit the road again and dined on duck and olives at the “Poisson d’Or” inn in Volonne. A mural in front of the Volonne fountain recalls the passage of the Emperor. At the exit of the village, on a stone of an old house is engraved “Eishi lou March 5, 1815, Napoleon 1st PP” which is translated as “Here on March 5, 1815 Napoleon 1st passed and pissed”!
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  • Historical patrimony
  • City Village

Location details

  • Lake or body of water within 300 m
  • River or river within 300 m
  • Pond less than 300 m
  • Mountain view
  • In the city
  • Public transport stop within 500 m
  • Lake or body of water at -5 km
  • River at -5 km
  • At the water's edge



Suitable for: Hikers, mountain bikers





  • Restaurant
  • Public toilets
  • Playground

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Town Hall – 1 Place Charles de Gaulle
04290 Volonne
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