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Historic site and monument à Draix

Village de Draix


04420 Draix

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Draix, 860 m above sea level located at the foot of Cheval Blanc and 12 km from Digne-les-Bains. Come and discover this charming little village, its black earth, its Sarteau Pear, its Art Refuge and its various hikes.

During the Second World War, the guerrillas of a school for Resistance cadres set up their camp at the Belon farm in Draix. This school supervised young refractory to the STO, the Compulsory Work Service.
Unfortunately, on February 14, 1944, despite signals from the villagers, 13 guerrillas were arrested by a German detachment and then taken away for deportation.

Art Refuge.

The artist Andy Goldsworthy rehabilitated the Belon farm into an “Art Refuge” symbolizing these events. The artist describes his work as follows: "The ground floor has few windows and a low ceiling. The darkness will be pierced by intense rays of light. It is the ideal atmosphere for building white stone arches : they will appear like architectural ghosts and their number must be sufficient to communicate to the room an impression of movement and circulation. The stone will be the same as that of the Sentinels. White, alive, in the light and space of the building. I like the idea of ​​the Sentinels being lookouts for the arks.“

Sarteau pear.

You will also discover there every year, a festival that promotes the Poire Sarteau, a real heritage of the village of Draix.


  • Historical patrimony
  • City Village

Location details

  • Village center
  • In the countryside
  • Mountain view



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