Historic site and monument
in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban

Chapelle Saint Jean

The Saint-Jean chapel and its belvedere are among the key places in the Middle Durance
The Saint-Jean chapel was built in 1668 by four brothers from the Ricard family. It has become a high place of pilgrimage since its creation. It is said that in 1753, a seven-year-old child was cured of an incurable disease on the day of the celebration of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Bernar Venet, sculptor, now world-famous and local, created furniture in steel plates especially for the place: altar, benches, cross, stained glass...

To get there, there are two footpaths: one starting from the Blachon cemetery in Château-Arnoux, and the other path from the Saint-Jean reservoirs. It is possible to make a loop.
You can also get there by car, by the Saint-Jean tourist route which goes up just before the Camille Reymond college in Château-Arnoux.
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