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Cultural heritage

“Le Vieil Esclangon” Art Refuge

The Javie

…hill going up to the headquarters of the Reserve Geologic) and continue on the D900a towards the village of Barles for about 15km. Park in the parking lot on the left just…


By motorbike, car or taxi

16th January 2017

…Haute Provence is full of tourist routes with varied landscapes. To discover the curiosities geologistgics of the UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence, discover the Pénitents des Mées and…

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Apartment T3 Gite Les Oliviers


…Located in the heart of the Reserve Geoloregion of Haute Provence in the Bléone valley, 6 km from Digne-les-Bains. Mountain View - On our farm…

Natural heritage

The ammonite slab


…The most famous site of the Reserve Geologic. It counts on 320 m² more than 1 ammonites. These ammonites are large: the largest…


Tour de Fontbelle N°2-Difficult 100km-5h


…With the “Route du Temps” sites, you can discover the history geologistgic and human of four endearing valleys: Duyes, Vançon-Jabron, Durance, Bléone. At the collar…

Natural heritage

The Ichthyosaur of La Robine

La Robine-sur-Galabre

The Ichthyosaurus of La Robine is around 185 million years old. Its name comes from the Greek terms ikhthus (fish) and sauros (lizard). The Ichthyosaur, indeed, looks like a…