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Tour du Blayeul N°1-Easy 65km-3h


…You will go up the spectacular and winding Bès valley, rich in curiosities geologistthen you will go around this emblematic mountain before descending through the Bléone valley….

Natural heritage

The Clues of Barles


…Integral part of the Reserve Geologic of Haute Provence, the largest in Europe and a veritable open-air museum, the clues of Barles can be visited by car, by…


Digne les Bains in Haute Provence

January 16 2017

…Then we will take advantage of the tranquility of the paths to discover the permanent collection installed in the open air. The wandering will end in the rooms of the museum dedicated to geologistgie. the…

Cultural heritage

“Sentinel of the Bès Valley” Art Refuge


…headquarters of the Reserve Geologic) and continue on the D900a towards the village of Barles. Go through the Peruré clue (tunnel), continue for 2 km to an area…

Cultural heritage

Village of La Robine sur Galabre

La Robine-sur-Galabre

…pear, almond and apple trees. Located within the nature reserve geologistgic of Haute Provence La Robine sur Galabre has remarkable sites, in particular the site of the Ichthyosaur (fossil of a…

Holiday rents

Apartment T2 La Treille the Village

Le Chaffaut-Saint-Jurson

…Gîte classified 3 stars in the heart of the reserve geologistgic of Haute Provence and the GEOPARC. Stay at La Treille in a Provençal house of more than 500…