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Tour de Fontbelle N°2-Difficult 100km-5h


…With the “Route du Temps” sites, you can discover the history geologistgic and human of four endearing valleys: Duyes, Vançon-Jabron, Durance, Bléone. At the collar…

Natural heritage

The Ichthyosaur of La Robine

La Robine-sur-Galabre

The Ichthyosaurus of La Robine is around 185 million years old. Its name comes from the Greek terms ikhthus (fish) and sauros (lizard). The Ichthyosaur, indeed, looks like a…


Cycling trip along the Bès


…With family, friends, a cycling getaway along the Bès and times geologistgic. Go down the route des clues, from Verdaches to Digne les Bains (30 km)…


Brochures and maps of Haute Provence

January 16 2017

The Tourist Office provides visitors, residents and customers with free tourist information about the destination. Haute Provence brochures and plans, printed or…

Holiday rents

Apartment T2 The Relay

Le Chaffaut-Saint-Jurson

…In a former coaching inn, a one-bedroom apartment of 2 m². In the heart of the reserve geologistgic of Haute Provence, stay in the gîte Le Relais,…

Cultural heritage

Village of Estoublon


…an orientation table and a reserve information point geologistgic. The plateau is also part of the territory of the Asse Natura 2000 Zone. Departing from the village of Estoublon,…