The associative fabric of Haute Provence is recognized for its density and diversity, with a strong anchoring in local life which reflects the active involvement of its inhabitants in numerous sporting and cultural activities.

Diversity and commitment

A rich associative fabric

The sports associations occupy a preponderant place in this associative fabric. There is a wide range of disciplines, from traditional sports such as football, rugby, basketball and athletics, to outdoor sports such as climbing, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and many others. The sporting events organized by these associations often attract large participation and create real enthusiasm in the local community.

Alongside sports associations, cultural associations also play an essential role in the life of Haute Provence. These associations strive to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the region, in particular by organizing festivals, exhibitions, theater and dance shows, concerts, as well as artistic and craft workshops. They thus contribute to enriching local cultural life and transmitting traditions to future generations.

Beyond the sporting and cultural fields, there are also charitable and environmental associations which work for the well-being of residents and the preservation of the local environment. The diversity of activities developed in the Haute Provence destination is one of the strong points of the associative fabric. Everyone can find an association that matches their interests and aspirations.

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