When summer arrives in Haute-Provence, it is always pleasant to cool off thanks to the numerous facilities in the region. Whether you are a fan of walks along the water or more attracted to aquatic activities, you will inevitably find a place suited to your desires.

Play areas and swimming along the Bléone

La Bléone Approved Association for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment.

THEAAPPMA La Bléone organizes activities and workshops on the theme of fishing. The association is also responsible for the preservation of aquatic environments, compliance with regulations, the development of fishing lakes, etc.

Tel: + 33 6 80 89 52 60

Play areas and swimming in the Durance valley

Dive into the action with the Durance Nautique nautical base, for a variety of aquatic activities suitable for all ages. Refresh yourself in the summer swimming pools of Val de Durance.

Pierre Gibelin
Mées fishing lake

Safe Haven

Lake Joël Siguret

Near the Mées business park, on the edge of the artisanal zone, Lake Joël Siguret offers a vast bucolic space for walkers, sportsmen and fishermen. It offers two pedestrian paths, a skateboard area and a sports course. Many migratory birds have found a comfortable nesting area in these places.

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