Tour de Fontbelle N°2-Difficult 100km-5h

Fontbelle tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains © Andy Goldsworthy
Fontbelle tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains © OT Digne les Bains Haute Provence
Fontbelle Tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains © OT Digne les Bains Haute Provence

Fontbelle tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains
Fontbelle tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains
Fontbelle Tower N°2 Digne-les-Bains
With the sites of the "Road of Time", you can discover the geological and human history of four endearing valleys: Duyes, Vançon-Jabron, Durance, Bléone. At the Col de Fontbelle, a discovery area welcomes you for a welcome break.


It's a long loop that awaits you (100 km), but your effort will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas!
In Digne les Bains, from the Saint Christophe Zone, take the direction of Champtercier.
Cross Champtercier, birthplace of the philosopher and astronomer Pierre Gassendi. Pass the Pas de Bonnet pass (7.3km at 4,5%).
Continue to Thoard (1.3km at 4,6%), a perched medieval village in the Vallée des Hautes Duyes, and pass the Col de Fontbelle (11km at 4,9% but beware of several passages above 8%). This pass culminating at 1.304 meters above sea level is often taken by one of the Rallye Monte Carlo stages.
Continue the loop through Authon. At the edge of the road, the artist Andy Goldsworthy has installed one of his "Sentinels", that of the Vançon Valley. This sculpture is part of "Refuge d'Art", a work of art to "walk through" in the Geopark of Haute Provence.
Go through Saint Geniez and go down towards Sisteron. Before entering the town, turn left (D4) towards the Durance Valley. Cross Volonne. After L'Escale, cross the N85 and continue on a small road joining the D904. At Malijai, continue on the D8 towards Le Chaffaut, then Digne les Bains.

Variant "The Pas de Bonnet"
46 km, height difference: 450 m
At Thoard, cross the village and go back down on the D3. At Planas, turn left towards Les Grillons via Les Bourres and Barras, on a false descending flat. Follow the N85 to the left, then the D17 to the right towards Le Chaffaut and return to Digne les Bains via the D12 then the N85.


  • Elevation: 1340 m
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  • Positive elevation: 1340 m
  • Distance: 100 km
  • Duration in hours: 5h0


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