Ascent of L'Estrop -Very difficult – 12km

Estrop_riviere © OT PADLB
Rise_Estrop © OT PADLB

Do you want to tame the highest peak in the Vallée de la Blanche? On your shoes, get set, go! Come and challenge the highest point to discover the 360° panorama at the top of this summit located just below the 3000 meter bar!


Departure from Prads-Haute-Bléone, arrival at the top of the Estrop head. The highest point in the Pays Dignois, the summit of Estrop reaches an altitude of 2961m, the northern slope is home to one of the southernmost glaciers in the Alps (Glacier de la Blanche).

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  • Elevation: 1830 m
  • Special information: Reserved for experts/confirmed
  • Special Info: Black Level - Very Hard
  • Special information: Sports special
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  • Marking: Yellow (PR)
  • Positive elevation: 1830 m
  • Distance: 12 km

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