Rando trail n°3 Summit of Cousson, Martinon, Darau

The Cousson ©

Departing from the Tourist Office. Take boulevard Thiers then college Gassendi and start the Cousson route by the Caramantran path to the Hautes Bâties forester's house.


Continue via the Pas d'Entrages (superb view of the village of Entrages and the Barre des Dourbes) and continue to the chapel of Saint Michel du Cousson.
Continue the route on the ridge then descend via the Pas de Baudillon. In the hamlet of Basses Bâties take the route des Oreilles d'ânes and return to Digne les Bains at the Tourist Office.

To follow the second part, cross the Bléone and take the Caguernard path which runs along the river and pass in front of the Promenade Museum (Géoparc de Haute Provence). Go up the Vallon de Gévaudan to the ruined hamlet of the same name, and reach the crest of Darau. Very nice view of the Siron and the Massif des 3 Evêchés.
Go back down in the direction of Digne via the ruins of Chatières, then those of Saumon.
Pass near the Courbons climbing site then return to the Tourist Office.


  • Elevation: 2138 m
  • Special Info: Red Level - Hard
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  • Positive elevation: 2138 m
  • Distance: 32.39 km

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