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Le Tour du Lac de L'escale – Facile 5km ou 10km – de 2 à 3h

The trail around the lake crosses the towns of Château-Arnoux, Volonne and L'Escale. It is traveled on foot and by mountain bike, a large part of the trail is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Route details

Signs: Tour of the lake: Small tour or Large tour
Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Discover the tour of the lake
We invite you to explore the Durance and its lake through two discovery loops on foot or by mountain bike.
Along the way, six discovery areas, observation terraces on the Durance and around twenty interpretation desks reveal the history of this natural site and present the biodiversity of this exceptional wetland: birds, fish, beavers, reed beds, etc.
The Haute-Provence suspended footbridge, 100m long, allows you to connect the two banks of the Durance.

Take the time to discover and observe all the riches of this natural site. Do not leave the planned route so as not to disturb the species present and don't forget your binoculars!

Short tour: 5km – 2h
A general public loop using the Haute-Provence footbridge, dedicated to the discovery of the natural environment. Ideal route for a family walk!

Long tour: 10km – 3h
A grand tour of the lake dedicated to the history of the site and the evolution of the landscapes. A longer route, particularly suitable for exploring by mountain bike.
The Tour du Lac is a path that runs for 10 km, practically without a change in altitude, along the water's edge, through forests and reed beds. This natural space of great flora and fauna richness to discover with the family is a little paradise for nature lovers.

Download ecoBalade
This application will allow you to easily identify the fauna and flora that you will come across on your way from specific characteristics. Ecowalk around the lake on a 10km path where the second largest wetland in the PACA region extends. It is a very popular area for migratory birds who come there to spend the winter or nest there in the spring. Have fun recognizing them: http://www.ecobalade.fr/balade/balade-de-volonne-chateau-arnoux-l-escale-04-le-tour-du-lac

The Escale reservoir was filled with water in 1960. Today, 80% filled with silt from the Durance, it has become a remarkable site for bird watching. It is a remarkable site for avifauna, think
to the binoculars! We have been able to count 161 different species of sedentary and migratory birds.

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Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation100 D +Distance10,0 km
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