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Le Tour de la Magdeleine N°9-Facile 10km-3h

Departure from Volonne, town hall square




Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

The Tour de la Magdeleine is an ideal circuit to discover, from above, the Durance modified over time by the hand of man.
From the village of Volonne, the route follows the same direction as that of the St Antoine belvedere. After skirting some agricultural land, the path rises in the middle of a wood of Austrian black pines, resulting from reforestation carried out by the ONF, up to the large cistern.
From there, leave the track to continue along the ridge. The climb is quite steep. When you join the track, the path branches off to the left, through the woods, until you reach pastures below the old Fubie sheepfold, inhabited until 1922, then gradually abandoned.
The return is made at the bottom of the ravine, first of all by a track, then on the last two kilometers by a small paved road which will lead you to the village.
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