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Le Prieuré et la forêt de Ganagobie N°22 – Facile – 5km – 2h

Departure in front of the Town Hall of Ganagobie. This route partly follows the road to Santiago de Compostela. It will take you back to the time when one of the main sites of Provençal spirituality was established in an exceptional place in the XNUMXth century.



Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Departing from the village of Ganagobie, family hike. The route begins in the village then rises rapidly under the pines and oaks to the plateau and the priory. It then passes close to the church then in front of the shop and reaches the car park which offers a panoramic view of the Durance valley. The path continues on the edge of the plateau, in a forest of holm oaks where, in summer, only the cicadas disturb the ambient calm. A natural fortress between Lure and Durance, the plateau of Ganagobie has always been inhabited by men who, taking advantage of a dominant natural observatory, settled there, thus diversifying the testimonies of all eras.

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