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La Chapelle Saint Joseph n°11 – Difficile 14km – 5h30

The chapel of Saint Joseph, associated with its hermitage and its source, has always served as a shelter for shepherds and pilgrims, as well as resistance fighters during the Second World War.


Round trip


Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Departing from Volonne, a place called "3 Bastides" (2km NE of the village). No parking, park on the edge of the road before the Ravine de la Grave. From the Cross which overlooks the chapel, you will have a lovely view of the Durance and Duyes valleys. The path begins at the Pont de la Grave, at the level of the three bastides.
From there, go up a wide track, at the bottom of the ravine, to a cistern where you leave the PR du Tour de la Magdeleine on your right. After 1,5km of gently sloping climb, enter the wood of oaks and pines on your left, to emerge at the level of a small ridge near the ruins of Forchochier. The path branches off to the right and almost immediately leaves the large logging track.
The fairly steep and winding climb continues on the hillside in a shaded area, in the middle of a beech grove which is very pleasant for its coolness in summer.
Arrived at the crest, the chapel of St Joseph is on your left at 1.8km. The return is done by the path on the right, first follow the ridge for 1.5km before plunging on your right into a forest much drier than the previous one, a sign that you have returned to the south. Quite quickly you reach the bottom of the ravine which brings you back to the starting point.
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