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La Barre des Dourbes N°16 Difficile 11km-4h

A hike through high altitude beech groves to reach the Barre des Dourbes and its magnificent ridge path which offers a breathtaking view of the two valleys: Clumanc, Tartonne and La Bléone.



Yellow - Yellow/Red

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

The panorama from the Barre des Dourbes is breathtaking. This hike also passes through the Trou de Saint-Martin. Departing from the Serre forest house, located 1 km after the hamlet of Dourbes, this hike is a classic that leads to the crest of the Barre des Dourbes, 1700 m above sea level. 'altitude. Climb up the Pas de Tartonne, follow the ridge to the Saint-Martin hole, a natural cavity in the rock leading to the void, and descend via the Pas de la Faye. Breathtaking landscapes!

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