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Ecobalade “De la ferme à la chapelle, au fil de l’eau” 9km 3h

This marked heritage route allows you to discover the main areas and wetlands of the commune of Château-Arnoux which were built and supplied over the centuries to serve the local population.



Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

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Ecobalade: "From the Farm to the Chapel, over the water" in Château-Arnoux, 12 sites have been valued in the Ecobalade application: plants, trees, insects, mammals , reptiles and even molluscs, i.e. a hundred animal and plant species, are presented to walkers, not to mention the built heritage and the aerial and underground water circuit in Château-Arnoux /walk/walk-chateau-arnoux-04. This path extends over 38 water points and invites you to explore unusual and often little-known places such as springs, wells, irrigation canals, or even astonishing galleries, some of which date from the XNUMXth century.
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