Where our fathers go – comics/concert

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It is the story of a man who packs his suitcase, leaves his family and his country to land on an unknown land, on the other side of the ocean.


This is the story of a migration and its emotional and cultural challenges: losing one's bearings, being separated from the people one loves, no longer understanding anything about what surrounds us, but also building new friendships and making happy discoveries.

Where our fathers go is originally a comic book without text, by Shaun Tan, awarded best album in 2008 at the Angoulême Festival. Fallen in love with this resolutely poetic work, the three musicians of LOVLA created a comic-concert in which the projection of vignettes in delicate sepia hues is accompanied by a musical journey where compositions and improvisation intermingle. To the voice, the double bass, the guitar and the bassoon, are added a multitude of other instruments to create an imaginary folklore with exotic sounds.

A poignant and poetic story focusing on one of the most beautiful human qualities: solidarity.
Le Figaro

Duration 1 hour with family from 9 years old

rate B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity 3€


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Adult: from 3 to 16 € (price B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity €3).


Wednesday May 3, 2023 at 19 p.m.