Taïga (comedy of the real) – Theater

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In the middle of the stage, a model represents the theater of operations. Around, a screen and cameras. The stage is set, the protagonists ready to take the stage.


November 2008, the sabotage of SNCF catenaries paralyzes part of the rail traffic. A few days later, the Ministry of the Interior launched Operation “Taïga”. 150 hooded police take over Tarnac, a small village in Corrèze, to arrest 10 people, under the watchful eye of the media. This is the beginning of what will be called “the Tarnac affair” or the biggest fiasco of French anti-terrorism of the beginning of the XNUMXst century.

2 pages of instructions, 700 years of proceedings, almost no convictions and a judge to conclude “The Tarnac group was a fiction”… How did we come to this? Sébastien Valignat and his team deconstruct the mechanisms of the disaster by taking an ironic look at this news item that has become a matter of state. From this media-judicial soap opera, they draw a comedy from reality with caustic humor that questions our relationship to freedom, democracy, security and disobedience.

Admirably served by a band of actors who are as crazy as they are brilliant, the Cassandre company once again manages to take us to the very heart of the complexity, using humor and the unexpected to help us understand the inexplicable.
The Dauphiné Libéré

duration 1h45 from 16 years old

rate B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity 3€


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Adult: from 3 to 16 € (price B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity €3).


Thursday April 6, 2023 at 20:30 p.m.