Smoke extraction3 – mental magic circus

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Magical counter-)diving on the springs of cinema & the manipulation of spectators Do you ever have the impression of living in a film? As if everything was already written?


Alfred Hitchcock claimed that his job was to do “spectator direction”. Let's not be fooled, directors, directors but also magicians have in common a particular talent for playing with our emotions, manipulating us and transporting us wherever they wish. Worse, these illusionists create in us, spectators, the desire to be cheated, the desire to be told stories.

With Manipulation poétique, last season, the company Raoul Lambert was interested in the power of words. This time it is the power of cinema that is dissected. Framing, editing, use of music, ellipses, so many artifices that create suspense, joy or sadness.

By interweaving the circus – aerobatics, cycling and acrobatic rollerblading – live music and mental magic, always stunning and so deliciously destabilizing, six performers invite us to cross the screen to discover how cinema influences our lives and vice versa. It is therefore difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. Silence… action!

estimated duration 1h20 with family from 10 years old

rate B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity 3€


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Adult: from 3 to 16 € (price B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity €3).


Friday 14 April 2023 at 20 pm.