Whoop! - Theater

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Midnight is approaching, Charles will be twelve years old. Sitting at the kitchen table, plunged into darkness, his eyes riveted on the little birthday candle which wriggles and waits to be blown out, the boy closes his eyes and makes a wish: to grow up faster.


And poof! The magic happens. In a cloud of smoke, a hairy figure comes out of the oven, flaming torch in hand. Grou, a Cro-Magnon man dressed in animal skins, crossed the centuries to answer Charles's call. The two initially suspicious characters learn to discover each other. They challenge each other through play, then curiosity and a taste for adventure take over. Together, they go back in time so that Charles can learn from the past and grow, as he wishes.

The kitchen is transformed according to the play of the actors who disappear under the table to dodge the shells, mask themselves with transparent salad bowls to explore the cosmos, joust armed with toothpicks like in the time of the knights... Sound creations and light games invoke with nuance several episodes of our history. Les Renards / Effet Mer deploys an updated chronological frieze with ingenuity and optimism, inviting the past into the present, letting the dream settle in reality.

What can help a young person find their way is their power to dream.
Boris Cyrulnik

Duration 1 hour with family from 7 years old

rate B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity 3€


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Adult: from 3 to 16 € (price B
full 16€
reduced 12€
young 8€/5€
solidarity €3).


Wednesday March 1, 2023 at 19 p.m.