Exhibition – The Treasures of Ganagobie

St Jerome Cathedral © Provence Alpes Digne-les-Bains Tourist Office

Exhibition of the very rich collection of relics and reliquaries entrusted to the monks of Ganagobie at Saint Jerome Cathedral.


To venerate is not to adore. Adoring is worship rendered to God alone; which is based in particular on the relics of a saint even if the authenticity of the latter is not verifiable. The relics are indeed a material support to the faith. During
Over the past few centuries, monks have actively canvassed members of the large Catholic community to entrust relics to them or, conversely, to have relics donated to them by the faithful. Among these, some are of great interest; others, more modest, were nevertheless collected by the brothers, constituting in fine a very rich collection.


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Free access.


From 05/07 to 30/09/2022, daily between 13 pm and 15 pm.
Inauguration on July 5 at 17:30 p.m.