Exhibition: Paradie de l'utopoxe – Utopia and pretense

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This exhibition questions the validity of the way we look at things: is utopia always positive? Does dystopia necessarily carry negative feelings? The visitor is invited to discover two spaces.


Over the course of encounters with the works, the statement becomes clearer. However, through the choice of works, their formal biases and their apparent meanings, confusion sets in. The content of what initially seemed utopian or dystopian is disputed. These utopias and dystopias, so diametrically opposed, end up merging. They lose visitors in the gray areas surrounding their definitions. The dystopia plays with us and deludes us, the visit in what appeared warm and welcoming worried. And that does not mean that the journey in the other space of the gallery is preferable! The well-known term utopia here abandons the image of Epinal that is only assigned to it, to reveal a new universe much duller and denunciatory than the usual meaning. The artists selected for this exhibition participate in this questioning. They appeal to our critical spirit and challenge us by the visual appearance of their works, some pretense?
Nino Sport

The exhibition is curated by students from the preparatory class of the idbl intercommunal art school, Digne-les-Bains, accompanied by Lydie Rekow-Fond, art historian and theoretician.
Exhibition based on works from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Contemporary Art Fund and the Miramas art library.

The program around the exhibition
From January 11 13 2023 in
Workshop with Denis Brun: The waltz of the satellites
From an individual fetish object, it will be a question of developing a personal mini-universe, then of assembling these singular galaxies into a collective mythology...
Reserved for students in the preparatory class of the idbl intercommunal art school, Digne-les-Bains.


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Free access.


From 06/01 to 10/02/2023, every day.
During IDBL opening hours.