Concert with THE PRIZE


Concert with THE PRIZE at the René Char Cultural Center as part of the EJAMSLIVE festival (concert evenings on May 12 and 13).


On the long path represented by an artist's career, he
is rare enough that a small seed planted at random from a
meeting could, years later, give birth to
a magnificent plant just waiting to flourish.

Thus, how, by putting his guitar on the tracks of the concept album Obsessions, Christophe Godin, then in creation of the group Gnô after his adventure Mörglbl, could he have thought in 2001 that, twenty years later, not only would he cross paths with Maggy Luyten (ex Nightmare) but in addition, in his company and that of his accomplices Ivan Rougny and Aurel Ouzoulias (Satan Jokers), would set out to conquer the heavy-rock scene at the controls of the ship The Prize?!... How, indeed, do not succumb from the first listening to this dream combination where the influences and paths of each add up and mingle in a perfect alchemy, as much musical as human - the first opus of the group to tumble this year in our bins! - The spectator is propelled on a path where electric rock meets hardrock, pop or bluesy sounds, where each title that explodes in our ears is an enchanted parenthesis with a strong euphoric content, where the desire and the need to share are as essential as they are visible.

Ivan Rougny [bass]
Aurel Ouzoulias [drums]
Ivan Rougny [bass]
Christophe Godin [guitar]


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Single price: 6 to 18 €.

Pass for the two evenings of the EJAMSLIVE festival (ANTOINE BOYER & SAMUELITO on 12/05 + THE PRIZE on 13/05) at 28€.


Saturday 13 May 2023 at 20 pm.