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Provence Alpes Digne les Bains Tourisme carried out its project “Digital welcome and mobility in Pays Digne 2016-2017″ thanks to the support of Europe and the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur Region.

To find out all about the FEDER POIA Massif des Alpes 2014-2020 scheme in the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur and Rhône Alpes regions,

Content of the project “Digital welcome and mobility in Pays Dignois”

1) Produce quality content

The tourist office must provide content appropriate to its targets (families and seniors in particular) and organized according to their expectations, particularly in the form of multi-criteria searches. He therefore plans to produce new texts, photos and videos that he will organize and publish according to the consumption habits of his customers to increase the rate of conversion and loyalty. This work will, more generally, be beneficial for the visibility of the destination on the internet.

Actions carried out: writing new texts for websites, photo reports, promotional videos

2) Join the Apidae network

Created by the Rhône Alpes region, Apidae has established itself in its own region and is now developing in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur. This platform makes it possible to use all the functionalities of a high-performance tourist information system (SIT), but also to join a network in order to disseminate our information on a larger scale. The interoperability of Apidae in fact allows many media to be fed from the information entered on this platform which is, moreover, compatible with the release of data.

Actions carried out: integration of tourist information on Apidae, connection of our GRC system to Apidae, merger of Apidae accounts after the creation of the new Tourist Office following the application of the NOTRe law.

3) Redesign its websites

The Tourist Office wanted, on the one hand, to standardize the graphics of these sites in accordance with the marketing strategy and, on the other hand, to simplify the management of information thanks to a single input platform. The tourist office has therefore initiated a reflection on all of its digital communication.

Actions taken: creation of new websites Digne les Bains TourismBlanche Serre Ponçon Tourism, and Sainte-Croix du Verdon Tourism.

4) Equip the territory with terminals and interactive panels

The Tourist Office adapts its offer to the demand and needs of customers, who wish to have easy access to tourist information. According to this marketing logic, the Tourist Office had therefore planned to install tactile information terminals on the territory powered by Apidae.

Actions carried out: installation of interactive screens outside the tourist offices of Digne les Bains and Seyne les Alpes.

5) Raise awareness and support tourism professionals in optimizing their use of new technologies

The Tourist Office's digital facilitator is in direct contact with professionals and provides them with support in their digital communication. The Tourist Office wishes to strengthen this link and focus on training professionals in new technologies to reduce the gap between the digital actions of the Tourist Office and the knowledge of professionals. These training courses take the form of workshops led by experts and individual meetings in order to meet the specific expectations of tourism stakeholders in terms of new technologies.

Actions taken: organization of digital workshops for partners (3 in spring 2018, 3 in autumn 2018).