Haute Provence Ornithological Reserve

The Haute Provence Ornithological Reserve comprises 4 wetlands: Lake Escale, Lake Joël Siguret (Les Mées), the Malijai reservoir and the Durance and Bléone rivers. 140 species of birds can be observed in the reserve.

Located in the heart of Haute Provence between the Prealps of Digne and the lowlands of Forcalquier and Valensole, the Ornithological Reserve of Haute Provence is full of avifaunal wonders, often concealed in the tangle of reeds, hidden amid the riparian forest or camouflaged in the gravel banks of the Durance.

Other species are easily seen in the water. Not all species can be observed all year round, but the reserve is a great place get close to nature.

Réserve ornithologique

The LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) PACA proposes various bird-watching trails, such as the Lake Mées loop (download the loop map), the Lake Escale loop (download the loop map) or the Discovery of the Bléone in Malijai Circuit (download circuit map).

All around this protected area, accommodation providers are committed to preserving biodiversity through the creation of LPO refuges. Their accommodation respects a charter whose main principles are:

  • to create conditions conducive to the growth of wild flora and fauna;
  • preserve the refuge from pollution including from the use of chemical products;
  • reduce its impact on the environment;
  • make the LPO refuge a space where hunting is not permitted.

Download the map of the Haute Provence Ornithological Reserve and the reserve’s new Hiking and Accommodation Map.

LPO PACA website : paca.lpo.fr.