The Great Outdoors

Open your lungs and breathe!

Once this first step has been completed, enjoy the sport of your choice – in the great outdoors – whether you are a beginner or not, in search of soft practices or looking for new ways to surpass yourself.
In Haute Provence, terrain and climate are naturally suited to fulfill all your sports desires.

From the Estrop mountain top at 2961m of altitude in Haute Bleone to the gentle landscapes of the Verdon area, Digne les Bains and its surroundings or the Durance valley, you can travel up and down Haute Provence with an infinity of marked pathways at your own pace in beautiful and preserved natural areas. Hiking becomes a way of life here, practised by everyone, all year round.

Enjoying a family bike ride, with or without electric assistance, is the opportunity to discover outstanding natural sites such as Clues de Barles or lavender fields.
Thirsty for mountain biking adventures? Trust that the “Terres Noires” site can definitely quench it! This well-known spot and the Evo Bike Park in Digne les Bains are the ideal playground for intensive practice! Pure enjoyment is at every stage of the Alpes-Provence, Transverdon and Chemins du Soleil long-distance hiking trails.
Halfway between earth and sky, thrill-seekers will be attracted by one of our two Via Ferrata in Digne les Bains and in Prads Haute Bleone. These vertigo hikes can be supervised by professional mountain climbers for safe practice.



Let’s keep on rising to meet our world champion François Ragolski, from Digne les Bains, flying his paraglider. Aerology in Haute Provence being exceptional – due to the dryness of the soil and a generous sun – let’s seize this opportunity to challenge ourselves! From up above, this year-round sun-drenched nature will take a whole new dimension.
Water-based activities are not left behind: Haute Provence being bordered by the lake of Serre Ponçon in the north and the lake of Sainte Croix du Verdon in the south. Have fun on the water – from pedalo to Gateway speeding over the turquoise lake – there is something for everyone!


Idyllic environment to refresh body and mind, Haute Provence invites you to discover its landscapes and let your desires run free: golf, fishing, river hiking, climbing… Everything here is possible!