Reconnecting Yourself with the Essential

Today more than ever, we need space and time to come back to our own inner consciousness, to reconnect ourselves with our true essence. Some destinations are more conducive than others to this quest for well-being.
The UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence, Digne les Bains and its surroundings are part of these peace havens and the explorer Alexandra David-Neel will not say anything different!


The spirit of Tibetan Buddhism

This great lady, having travelled through many parts of the world, found here the serenity that she was looking for and which reminded her of Tibet. She even playfully nicknamed the mountains surrounding Digne les Bains her “Himalayas for Lilliputians”.
Born in Paris in 1868, she spent 25 years of her life exploring the world. She was the first European woman to enter the forbidden city of Lhasa – capital of Tibet – in 1924. After all these crazy years of adventures, she decided, in 1928, to settle in Digne les Bains: she bought a house and named it “Samten Dzong“, meaning “Fortress of Meditation” in Tibetan.
She died in 1969 at the age of 101. In 1982 and 1986, the 14th Dalai Lama went to Digne les Bains to pay her tribute. During your stay in Digne les Bains, you can discover the fascinating life of this adventurer and visit her home – that has become a museum – and admire the countless items that she brought back from her faraway travels.
After your visit to Alexandra David-Neel’s house, let yourself be carried away by the soothing atmosphere of Kalashanti teahouse – just in front of Samten Dzong – and enjoy a break with a tea, Indian chaï or lassi.

The place of well-being

Digne Les Bains, the city of spas, renowned for the quality of its waters since antiquity, offers health cures in rheumatology and respiratory tract as well as a wellness area – open to all – including a variety of wellness services: body care treatments, massages and whirlpools with essential oils to enrich your zen-like experience!
You can also practice mindful walking: this body awareness practice involves moving the body consciously and paying attention to the breath at the same time. Increasing self-awareness and developing our connection with nature, it allows you to let go and be in harmony with your amazing environment. Head out to discover the landscapes that Alexandra David-Neel held very dear to her heart: professional guides will accompany you on a mindful walking or “Afghan walking” tour.
For a short weekend – alone or accompanied – or for a longer family holiday, the possibilities are endless.
What about sleeping in a remote and unusual accommodation, using a Tyrolean traverse to carry your luggage and offering a unique experience in a splendid protected valley? And what about spending a week in a typical Mongolian yurt, in a relaxing campsite where the owner – mountain guide and Yoga teacher – will lead you through the discovery walks?
Haute Provence, its landscapes, its terroir, its culture and “Art de Vivre” is the place to let go and reconnect yourself with the essential. So come join us!