Obviously and more than ever, we need space and moments to return to our inner source, to reconnect with our essence. Some destinations favor this quest for well-being more than others. The UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence, Digne les Bains and its surroundings are part of it and it is not the explorer Alexandra David-Neel who will say otherwise!

Here reigns the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism

This great lady, who has traveled all over the world, found here the serenity she was looking for and which reminded her of Tibet. She even had fun nicknaming the Dignoises pre-Alps “her Himalayas for Liliputians”. Born in 1868 in Paris, she spent 25 years of her life exploring the world. She was the first European woman to have entered the forbidden city of Lhasa in Tibet in 1924. After all these crazy years of adventures, it was in the city of Digne les Bains that she decided to put her luggage in 1928 and that she named her house " "Samten Dzong" which means “Residence of Reflection” in Tibetan. She died at the age of 1969 in 14. The 1982th Dalai Lama came to pay homage to her in 1986 and XNUMX. You can discover the incredible life of this adventurer during your visit to Digne-les-Bains by visiting her house which has become a museum and admiring the countless objects brought back from these distant journeys.

After visiting Alexandra David-Neel's house, you can continue your Zen immersion with a tea, chai or vegetarian meal break at the Nusa Café, facing Samten Dzong.

A territory of well-being

Digne les Bains, a spa town known since Antiquity for the quality of its waters, offers treatments in rheumatology and respiratory tract and a zen space where you will find various formulas open to all: body treatments, massages and whirlpool baths with essential oils to fully enjoy your holidays.

Here, even walking can be practiced in awareness, respectful of oneself and one's environment, practiced gently, it allows you to let go and be in harmony with nature. Professionals accompany you to discover the landscapes dear to the heart of Alexandra David Néel. For a weekend alone or as a couple, with the family for a longer stay, the possibilities are endless.

How about unusual accommodation in a cabin in Thoard or in Volonne or a secluded place requiring a zip line to transport your luggage and offering an original experience in a preserved valley? Or a week in a yurt in a zen camping where the owner, mountain guide and yoga teacher will accompany you on the paths of discovery?

Haute-Provence, its landscapes, its terroir, its culture, its art of living are a disconnection in themselves. So join us!