To discover Haute Provence is to enter into the splendour of Mother Nature. As you go along, a great diversity of exceptional landscapes will be revealed to you. The creation of its wild landscapes, such as the Pénitents des Mées, Esclangon Cirque or Terres Noires, travel way back on the geological time scale.

Haute Provence is also about aromas and flavours typical of the region, as well as the unique savoir-faire of its producers and artisans. We invite you to step into the

Land of Pure Emotion

Let yourself be carried away by the (ch)arms of Nature and by the unhurried pace of life of both Provençal and mountain cultures. To experience the hospitality of the region, immerse yourself in the markets, meet the local producers, learn their secrets and finally, taste the quality of their products.

To preserve this intangible heritage as well as landscapes of some 300 million years old, the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark was born. The first Geopark in the world to be created, it works to promote natural, geological and cultural heritage. While its surface area stretches across the territory of Haute Provence and beyond, its headquarters are located in Digne-les-Bains, where an interpretation centre has been created – the Musée Promenade. An inclusive museum, it presents the geological resources of the territory and tells the geological history of the région through a unique museography.

Haute Provence is defined as:

natural, authentic, active, regenerative, cultural, nomad and exceptional! A variety of keys for you to open different doors into the land of pure emotion.