Discovering Haute Provence means entering the garden of Mother Nature. The more we advance, the more it reveals to us a diversity of exceptional landscapes. Haute Provence, it is also scents and typical flavors as well as producers, artisans and creators with unique know-how. This fabulous garden has given Haute Provence all its wild splendor since geological times. The Penitents of Les Mées,  Circus of Esclangon ou the Black Lands are for example some evocative names of this setting.

Land of pure emotions

 Making an appointment with Haute Provence means first and foremost deciding to let yourself be carried away by the charms of a nature paradise. That goes without saying, but it is also choosing to let yourself be surprised by the gentle rhythm of Provençal and mountain cultures. Like nature, the latter are proud banners for the population. Thus, experiencing hospitality means immersing yourself in the markets, meeting the producers, learning their secrets and finally tasting the quality of the products.

To preserve these cultures as much as these landscapes of some 300 million years, Haute Provence hosted the very first UNESCO Geopark in the world. It works, among other things, to promote all heritage: geological, natural and cultural. Stretching over the entire territory, its head office is located at Digne les bains, where it has an interpretation center: the Promenade Museum. Open to the greatest number, it presents a concentrate of the resources of the territory.

Haute Provence is defined as follows:

Naturalauthenticathleticbeneficentculturalnomade and exceptional! So many keys to open its doors and enter a land of pure emotions.