Village of Hautes-Duyes

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The town is the result of the merger of the towns of Auribeau and Saint-Estève in 1973.


Auribeau is a tiny hamlet located at the end of a dead end road. A castle with one of the towers consisting of a dovecote is there, as well as a church located away. Les Hautes-Duyes is on the Route du Temps which allows you to discover part of the Geological Reserve of Haute-Provence. At Auribeau, you will discover the Tidalites site which shows a succession of sandy deposits from the Miocene, 20 million years ago, a time when the sea reached this far.
Halfway between Saint-Estève and the D3, don't miss a magical lake (not visible from the road but which can be guessed above an embankment).
The highest points are the mountain of Géruen (located in the north) whose altitude exceeds 1800 meters and the crest of Fubie (eastern limit of the high-Duyes) at more than 1400 meters of altitude.


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