Village of Courbons

Curve © Provence Alpes Digne-les-Bains Tourist Office
Curve © Provence Alpes Digne-les-Bains Tourist Office

The small village of Courbons is located on the heights of Digne les Bains. To discover on a hike or during guided tours, organized by the Association...


The village of Courbons, northwest of Digne, is perched on a foothill of the Siron. It is located 6 km from Digne and was attached to Digne in 1862 to allow the creation of a railway line.
You will fall under the charm of this small village with its dwellings with incorporated dovecotes, its "souliadous", ventilated attics for storing fruit and its XNUMXth century walnut oil mill.
Dominating the village, the current clock tower was probably originally a medieval watchtower erected by a local lord around the XNUMXth century. The elements of the ramparts which once surrounded the village date back to the XNUMXth century, as well as the Notre Dame des Anges church which was refurbished in the XNUMXth century (choir and main facade).
There is also an oratory, the St Barnabas oratory, which was once a stage on the way to the procession on the day of the village festival. The Saint was invoked against drought.
From the village you can make beautiful hikes, especially the one that will take you to the Bigue du Siron. You will then take a path which climbs towards the pass “the dog area” and which passes between the summits of Martignon and Gomberge. You will then reach the Col du Darau and climb to the summit of La Bigue. You will cross varied landscapes composed, among other things, of beech woods or pine forests.
For sports enthusiasts, between Digne les Bains and Courbons, 4 km from the town centre, the Courbons climbing site offers a wide variety of routes for all levels of climbers.


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