Village of Chateauredon

Chateauredon ©
Chateauredon ©

At the edge of the Route Napoléon (RN85), on the side of a hill, Châteauredon owes its name to the old round castle which has now disappeared.


Another castle was erected more recently (around 1800) in the center of the village. At its foot, a beautiful private fountain has just been restored.

In Châteauredon, a church is dedicated to Saint Maxime and among no less than three chapels, one has become an emblematic place, very popular with hikers...

The Cousson chapel, at an altitude of 1.516 meters on the famous Cousson mountain, is indeed located in the town of Châteauredon. It is accessible by hiking trails from Beynes, Digne les Bains or Entrages.

It is also possible to reach it from the car park near the Châteauredon service station. This path with a steep drop takes you past the old hamlets of Les Baties, Les Granges and the monastery of Suye and offers a very fine view of the Asse Valley.


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