The Watchtower

Watchtower Volonne ©
5540421-slideshow © Thibaut VERGOZ
Watchtower Volonne © Thibaut VERGOZ
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Watchtower Volonne ©

Watchtower Volonne
Watchtower Volonne
Watchtower Volonne


The Tour de Guet in Volonne, the highest, is the vestige of an old citadel from the XNUMXth or XNUMXth Century. It is described at the end of the XNUMXth Century as the fortress of Volonne composed of this tower and a building erected on the small platform where the seigniorial dungeon was. From the esplanade you can admire the panorama of the roofs showing the evolution of the village, the meanders of the Durance from Sisteron to the edge of the Valensole plateau and the Pénitents des Mées.


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