“Col de l’Escuichière” Art Refuge

Col de l'Escuichiere ©
Col de l'Escuichiere ©

Col de l'Escuichiere
Col de l'Escuichiere
Unique experience than that of Andy Goldsworthy, internationally recognized artist, who imagines a project combining contemporary art and safeguarding rural heritage on the protected territory of the Geopark of Haute-Provence, around Digne les Bains.


“Whatever I undertake, I try to understand not only the stone or the
leaf but this flow of life, of death, of decomposition, of energy present in
the material. A river is the very expression of flow, connection and
movement and I feel the need to find the river in a tree, in
a stone. I think this sculpture here is an attempt to find the flow, the water, in the stone. It is a line of energy, movement and flow.“
Andy Goldsworthy

From Digne les Bains:
Take the D900a to the village of Esclangon (see Sentinelle de la Vallée du
Bes). At Esclangon take the road that winds between the houses and
park on the flat ground just before the start of the rocky track.
About 25 minutes
Continue on foot on the track for about 500 m. The pass path starts at
right of the track above the embankment a few meters before the stream near
of a collapsed area (the path is not easy to find, do not hesitate
to climb on the embankment). The single trail climbs steeply through the forest
from Aiguebelle to the pass. Descend 100 m on the other side and turn off onto
the left to the shelter.
About 1 hour.


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