Hiking yes, but with a recovery option! Digne-les-Bains is THE ideal spa resort for lovers of well-being, big spaces andoutdoor activities ! Nestled on the hillside, in the heart of an authentic and preserved valley, spas of Digne-les-Bains are a perfect starting point for to hike. IDEAL right? How about walking in the mountains of Digne-les-Bains and then treating yourself to a beneficial moment with the “Recup' Active” formula offered by the thermal establishment?  

First the effort!

Let's go for the hike to “Saint Pancrace Chapel”.

Departure can be made directly from the Thermal Baths, practical!

We begin the walk with a first climb leading straight to the Ophélia borehole.

We understand thanks to the interpretation panels that this borehole, with a depth of 870 m, continuously supplies the thermal establishment of Digne-les-Bains. It was fascinating to think that we were walking above this source of well-being.

A few steps further, a striking setting freezes us in place. Of the black dunes out of sight. A lunar landscape that intrigues and attracts us... a few steps on these rocks and a few explanations later (interpretation panel) we understand that it is black marls, typical geological landscapes of the Southern Alps born under the sea in the Jurassic from the deposition of clay-limestone sediments and whose black color is due to the presence of pyrite (iron sulphide).

Magnificent! We take a few minutes to immortalize this scenery! Unmissable photo spot! These black marls, witnesses of a bygone era, reminded us how our world is full of history and natural beauty.

The black lands

Shortly after, our meeting with one of the Art Shelters by Andy Goldsworthy was a highlight. This structure, seemingly simple but deeply moving, made us feel connected to art and nature in a very personal way. It was like discovering a hidden treasure, a meditative pause on our path.

The hike had its share of challenges in store for us, with climbs that tested our breath. But what a reward upon arrival! The Saint Pancras chapel stood proudly, offering a 360° panorama of the surroundings. It was breathtaking. We took advantage of this moment to rest, hydrate and simply admire the beauty that surrounded us.

Saint Pancras Chapel

This chapel dating from the end of the 2004th century was renovated in XNUMX by the association “les rénovateurs de Saint-Pancrace”

It's time to go back down!

The return trip was just as pleasant, a descent where each step reminded us of the wonders we had explored. And when we arrived, what joy to tell us that we were now going to indulge for relaxation and recovery ! After the effort, the comfort took on its full meaning. Head to the Thermal Baths!

And now... comfort!

After our unforgettable hike in the mountains of Digne-les-Bains and a good lunch, our adventure continues at the Thermal Baths for a moment of relaxation and recovery. There Active Recovery formula was specially recommended to us for its benefits, after the physical effort we had made. This formula is divided into two stages. This afternoon we will enjoy the Thermal Spa then we will come back tomorrow morning, this time in the thermal part, to enjoy thermal treatments particularly suited to recovery!

Head to the Spa!

Our afternoon begins at the aquatic space of the Thermal Spa, where we could relax freely. THE sauna and hammam enveloped us in purifying warmth, opening our pores and deeply soothing our minds with their contrasting atmospheres of dryness and humidity. THE Roman basins, with their gradation of temperatures, guided our bodies through a journey of revitalization, from the invigorating thrill of the cold pool to the warm embrace of the hot pool. Float in the indoor and outdoor pools with naturally hot thermal water was the climax, a timeless moment that healed our tired muscles and nourished our souls. This experience was awellness sanctuary, where each element – ​​water, heat, steam – worked in harmony to restore our physical and mental well-being, leaving us in a state of fullness and serenity.

To complete this care experience, we participated in a health workshop. This Friday, a workshop sophrology and relaxation What was offered was what turned out to be the perfect addition to our day. Guided by a psychopractitioner, we explored breathing and relaxation techniques, allowing us to achieve a state of total serenity, in harmony with our body and mind.

Time for thermal treatments

Thibaut Vergoz

After a good night's sleep, it is in the Thermal section that the rest of our Recup'Active formula will take place. As soon as we arrived, Coralie, the hostess, offered us a warm and personalized welcome which immediately highlighted the excellence of the customer care. Accompanied by the soothing smell of thermal water, rich in sulfur and renowned for its virtues anti-inflammatory, we knew we were in the right place to meet the needs of our bodies still experienced from yesterday's hike. Coralie guided us to the thermal area where rheumatology treatments are provided to begin our session. We first enjoyed a thermal water bath, an aerobatics that enveloped us in its natural heat, relaxing every muscle in our body. The massaging bubbles immediately began to ease our tension, and we felt like we were floating, free of all weight.

Then, local applications of thermal mud targeted our painful areas, particularly the joints stressed during hiking. This feeling of penetrating heat was incredibly comforting, as if every bit of pain was extracted from our body, replaced by a feeling of lightness. The penetrating shower and high pressure pool immersion shower continued our recovery journey. These jets of water, sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, massaged our skin, stimulated our circulation and revitalized our mind. It was an energizing experience, an awakening of the senses leaving us both relaxed and invigorated

Our getaway to Digne-les-Bains, combining hiking in the splendid landscapes of the Southern Alps and to relax in the beneficial thermal waters, was a memorable experience which harmoniously linked physical effort and deep relaxation. The trails challenged and amazed us, while the treatments at the Thermal Baths soothed our bodies and revitalized our minds, perfectly illustrating the importance ofbalance between activity and recovery. This adventure left us with a deep sense of well-being and a renewed desire to take care of ourselves. Digne-les-Bains will remain in our hearts as an oasis of regeneration and peace.


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