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Jeux de rue avec Ludirunner

Place Général de Gaulle Place Général de Gaulle 04000 Digne-les-Bains
Rediscover the pleasures of the game in a friendly atmosphere!
Ludirunner is an itinerant games trunk that strives to bring people together around its tables. It is represented by inveterate players, runners of new playgrounds, volunteers and animators, who aim to use board games in the service of social ties and intergenerational cohesion.

Getting people to play is essential! Make them meet around a fun table, young and old, young and old, together! But not just how...
Our goals :
Inform, teach about the benefits of play.
Through play, cultivate and educate young people and entertain adults by opening up a new playful horizon.
Promote social ties, support parenthood, bring people together in rural areas.

Fight against isolation, promote diversity with gaming tables open to all.


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Place General de Gaulle
Place General de Gaulle
04000 Digne-les-Bains
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