UNESCO Geopark of Haute ProvenceNature Reserve

Velodrome ©
Geopark of Haute Provence Robines © Elizaveta Mochalova
Ammonite slab ©
Geopark of Haute Provence Clues de Barles © Mika Roux

Geopark of Haute Provence Robines
Ammonite slab
Geopark of Haute Provence Clues de Barles
Labeled UNESCO Geopark, this territory promotes the different heritages: natural, cultural and intangible (traditions...). Its geological heritage is exceptional.


The Geopark concept was born in Digne.

Created in 2000, the Geopark of Haute Provence has served as a model for the development of geoparks around the world.
Labeled by UNESCO, geoparks are territories that promote their different heritages: natural, cultural, intangible or even contemporary art.

The Haute Provence Geopark extends over 60 municipalities in the Alpes de Haute Provence department. A territory rich in flavors, scents and colors, combining the Alps with Provence, where the memory of the earth meets the memory of men.

Many natural and geological sites invite you on a journey through time, to discover the last 300 million years of Earth's history. The Geopark also benefits from territories of remarkable ecological richness and extreme biodiversity.

The Geopark allows you to discover, around its geological heritage, all the values ​​of its territory.

Its cultural heritage, made up of historical monuments and rural buildings, bears witness to human activity dating back more than two millennia.

The Haute Provence Geopark is a land of inspiration. The territory is punctuated by a collection of around a hundred works of contemporary art produced in the natural environment by renowned artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy and his Refuges d'Art.

The Geopark is also rich in intangible heritage, which can be found in the use of the Provençal language, but also in traditional music and dance, as well as in know-how, costumes, tales and legends. .

Through all these assets, the Geopark of Haute Provence participates in the economic and tourist development of the territory. The restaurants, accommodation and local products labeled Geopark of Haute Provence in turn enhance our heritage.

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